PHP upgrade

  • Thursday, 3rd June, 2021
  • 22:01pm
In an ongoing effort to bring you the very best products and services, we will be upgrading all of our servers to PHP 7.4. In addition to improved data processing, which can boost your site’s speed and performance, you’ll also gain increased security. Newer versions of PHP have more frequent security updates to help protect your site against unwanted hacks or malware.
When will it happen?
Between June 21, 2021 and June 25, 2021
What will happen?
During this window, we’ll attempt to upgrade the sub-accounts listed below to PHP version 7.4. These accounts may experience a brief disruption in service, but we will work quickly and use the most updated version of PHP your site will support.

If you wish to avoid this disruption, please ensure you have updated the PHP version on your sites before this time following the steps in the next section. In an effort to ensure that we do not cause any of your sites to break, we will first attempt a soft upgrade, upgrading only sites that we know will not be negatively impacted by this upgrade. This should provide time for your sub-accounts with older sites to update them or for you to remove inactive accounts before we update all sites to a supported version of PHP.
Do I need to do anything on my end?
Yes, to avoid a negative impact, we recommend that you/your customers upgrade all of your web installations to the newest PHP software available before we upgrade your account. Newer versions of PHP are already available on your current server, and you can set your site to use those versions with this helpful guide. You and your customers should also backup all of your website files.
What if a newer version of PHP won’t work on my site?
We’ve put together a list of fixes for the most common errors here.
We assure you that we will try to minimize the risk to your site. However, if you need help with these changes before they occur, please give us a call or email at





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